For supply

Supply prices confirmed by CWER

With Decision № Ц-19/01.07.2019 the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission has approved for „CEZ ELECTRO BULGARIA” AD (end supplier) actual prices for electricity sale., valid as of 01.07.2019.
1. Prices for business customers
Method of metering Time zones Price (lv/kwh net VAT and excise duty)
three tariffs peak 0,18413
  day 0,11807
  night 0,07823
two tariffs day 0,14947
  night 0,07823
one tariff   0,14947
2. Prices for residential customers (households)
two tariffs day 0,13538
  night 0,05676
one tariff   0,13538
Together with the end prices for electric energy CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD customers are paying the following tariffs for network services
Price for transmission through electricity transfer grid
Price for transmission of electricity by the electricity distribution grid, LV
Price for access to the electricity transfer grid
Price for access to the electricity distribution grid