Here you will find the answers to most of your questions

1.What does Customer number mean?

This is your unique customer number. It consists of 12 digits and is used for identification. It is always written in your electricity bill and in the receipt. It has replaced the former ITN number.

2. How can I get informed about the time of the next reading of my electricity meter and about the deadline for payment of the amount due after the introduction of the quarterly electricity meter reading?

CEZ is the first electricity company which since March 2008 has sent to all its customers’ bills containing full information both about the electricity meter readings and the deadlines for payment of the amounts due and about the periods during which their electricity meters will be read. Every customer of CEZ Electro Bulgaria can get additional information about the period for reading his or her electricity meter using one of the following ways:

·        at the 24-hour hotline phone number: 0700 10 010 (at the price of a standard phone call)

·        by sending an e-mail to  zaklienta@cez.bg

·        at the Customer Service Centres

3. If I doubt the accuracy of the billed electricity, what steps can I take?

If you doubt the accuracy of the billed electricity you can compare the readings of the electricity meter with the ones given in your bill or receipt and request revision of the bill at the nearest customer centre or at 24-hour hotline 0700 10 010 from any point of Western Bulgaria at the price of a standard phone call, seven days a week.

4. What happens with the overpaid amounts?

The overpaid amounts will be transferred to the next paymentor the customer can request in writing at the nearest Customer Service Centre to be refunded by bank.

5. What will happen if I do not settle my monthly bill in due time?

If you do not pay the amount due prior to the set deadline, you will be charged interest for delay to the amount of the statutory interest for each day of delay and your electricity supply will be terminated pursuant to the General Terms after expiry of a 10 (ten) day period from the maturity date for residential customers and 3 (three) days for business customers. In case the supply is terminated and the customer has not paid the amounts due for supplied electricity as well as the disconnection and resumption costs, a procedure for collection of overdue payments will be opened pursuant to the provisions of the Bulgarian law.

6. How are the electricity prices for end-users set?

The electricity prices for end-users on the regulated market are set by the SEWRC which pursuant to the Energy Act is the body that is to set the electricity prices supplied to end-users, connected to the electricity distribution network of the Republic of Bulgaria. CEZ Electro Bulgaria strictly observes the decisions of the regulatory body.

7. What is the structure of the electricity price?

The price consists of two components: a „distribution price” and a „supply price”. The „distribution price” covers the costs of the distribution company for the management and the maintenance of the network, construction of new facilities, dispatch and electricity meter reading. The „supply price” covers the costs of the supplier company („CEZ Electro Bulgaria”) related to electricity sale and customer service.

8. Why my electricity bill includes excise tax?

In connection with the compulsory harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation with the requirements of the European Directives in the field of indirect taxes as from 01.01.2007 excise tax is levied to electricity as a good. The tax base is the electricity supplied for the respective period. The excise tax is levied only on the supply price. It is to the amount of 2.00 BGN/ MWh for the business customers and is of zero rate for the residential customers.

9. Will I be informed about the quantity of consumed electricity independently of the method of payment (cash, non-cash)?

Since March 2008 all customers of CEZ on the territory of Western Bulgaria receive their bills in a sealed envelope, independently of the method of payment.

10. Who is to read my electricity meter if a mistake was made and how will the bill be revised?

In case of inaccurate reading of an electricity meter, and if the seller has been notified, a representative of the seller is to perform checking within 7 (seven) days period from the date of notification. If a mistake has been made, your bill will be adjusted when the account holder or a person empowered by him or her requests it at the nearest customer service centre. (The service is paid according to an approved price list of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD). CEZ works on providing the customers with the opportunity to make their request using an email or a telephone number.

11. Why the electricity supply of my home/office has not been resumed although I have paid the resumption fee?

Your electricity supply will be resumed till 12:00 on the next working day after you have paid the fee for standard service. If you have paid the fee for express service your supply will be resumed up to 6 hours.


To ask the questions you have not been answered here, please contact us at: zaklienta@cez.bg or at the 24-hour hotline 0700 10 010 at the price of a standard phone call, seven days a week.