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A Czech joint-stock company developing into an international group

The strategic target of CEZ Group is to become a leader on the electricity markets in Central and East Europe. Apart from generation and sale of electricity the company also operates in the field of telecommunications, IT, nuclear research, design, construction and maintenance of electricity facilities, raw material extraction and generation of power by-products. At the same time CEZ Group rates among the three largest producers of thermo-power in the Czech Republic. The company services over 7 million customers.

We observe the European Union regulations

Combining electricity generation and distribution in CEZ Group and observing the effective regulations of the European Union, the structure of the Czech power engineering has got closer to the common West European structure. Since 2005 it has been implementing the principle of strict unbundling of the electricity distribution as a regulated activity from electricity trade. The new structure of the Czech power engineering has created opportunities for development of strong competition.

We generate effectively sixty thousand GWh electricity a year

CEZ generates almost three-thirds of all the electricity generated in the Czech Republic. CEZ Group operates 2 nuclear power plants, 15 thermo-power plants on the territory of the Czech Republic, 3 thermo-power plants abroad, 34 hydro-power plants, including 3 pumped storage hydropower plants, 2 locations with wind power plants and 1 photovoltaic (solar) power plant. This diverse portfolio of power plants enables the company to be flexible to meet the demands of its customers and at the same time to provide for all the services necessary for the reliable operation of the electricity network.

Distribution pursuant to the regulations for unbundling of the activities

The regional electricity companies, incorporated in CEZ Group, used to have trade functions, apart from the distribution of electricity to end-user. In 2005 the present territorial division of the distribution companies from CEZ Group was replaced by the so-called process-based division, which within the framework of the EU regulations is based on the principle of strict unbundling of electricity distribution as regulated activity from electricity trade.  The key activities related to electricity distribution and electricity trade were transferred to new, independent companies.

We trade locally and abroad

The demand of electricity on the fully liberalized Czech market is constantly growing every next year. A considerable part of the power, generated by CEZ Group is for the home market, and the rest is directed to exports.

We are widening the range of services offered to our customers

To improve customer service, to utilize production capacity in a better way, to increase competitiveness and strengthen the positions of CEZ Group on the new markets, the company is developing a network of customer service centres and has opened trade representative offices in a few countries, neighbouring the Czech Republic.

We invest in the environment

In the last few years the power company CEZ has invested over 200 billion Czech crowns in its development and in environmental protection. Since the end of 1998 all thermo-power plants of CEZ have been fitted with equipment for minimization of the emission of substances that pollute the environment.

The technologies for minimization of emissions and their parameters, currently used in the Czech Republic, are at the level of the best available technologies, recommended by the EU and create an opportunity to meet the international requirements of the new law regulation of environmental protection.

We support the use of renewable sources

The power company CEZ intends to increase the use of renewable sources in the next few years.  In the next 15 years CEZ intends to invest the total amount of 30 billion Czech crowns in their development. About 20 billion of this investment will be used for construction of new windmills. That is why all activities, related to use of renewable sources, except the ones for power generation from biomass, were separated in the company CEZ Renewable Sources.

We achieve successes as a part of the European power engineering

Apart from the acquisitions in leading Czech companies, CEZ Group is represented and has acquired considerable assets of some foreign companies in Central and South East Europe. The vision of CEZ Group is to become a leader on the electricity markets. Steps toward this goal were taken by obtaining a majority stake in three Bulgarian distribution companies, and namely Electricity Distribution Stolichno AD, Electricity Distribution Sofia Oblast AD and Electricity Distribution Pleven AD (incorporated in CEZ Bulgaria AD), a Bulgarian power plant in Varna, as well as succeeding in a tender for the Romanian distribution company Electrica Oltenia. A strategic market for CEZ in Central Europe is Poland, which has been a good partner of Czech power engineering for years. In Poland CEZ Group acquired a majority stake in the Upper Silesian power companies Elektrocieplownia Chorzow Elcho OOD and Elektrownia Skawina AD.


CEZ Group in Central and South East Europe

 „To be a leader on the electricity market in Central and South East Europe”

This is the vision of a company that has managed for the short two year period of time to turn into a multi-national company comprising of over 90 Czech and foreign companies. At present the group has assets in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Holland, Germany, and Turkey.