CEZ Ombudsman personal address

Dear customers,

In order to improve the service quality and to answer the need to guarantee customer rights in their relations with CEZ Group Companies, the management of CEZ has established the institution “energy ombudsman”.

CEZ is the first company in Bulgaria that starts such an activity. The Position Energy ombudsman was established to solve possible disputes between clients and companies of CEZ Group in Bulgaria.

I believe that CEZ companies are our reliable partners. Even so it is possible in some cases to occur lack of satisfaction from comply response or level of servicing. I am ready to co-operate in any situation where our employees acted in contradiction to the law or good manners.

If you doubt in correctness of the decision taken by any of CEZ Group companies in Bulgaria on your case, please do not hesitate to contact me. I cannot promise you that each appeal will be solved in client’s favor, but can promise that it will be considered and answered independently, responsible and neutral.  

All proposals on Energy ombudsman work are welcome and will help us improve our performance.

Dear clients, I believe that the Institution Energy ombudsman will be in favor for all of you and will contribute for increasing customer satisfaction.

Radoslav Dimitrov
CEZ Energy Ombudsman