Mission and tasks of Ombudsman

Who can appeal to the Ombudsman?

The position Energy ombudsman was established in order to examine appeals and warnings submitted by end clients of CEZ Group companies in Bulgaria.

The Ombudsman does not examine appeals of producers supplying electricity to the distribution grid (i.e. from alternative sourses), as well as appeals of electricity traders.

What kind of warnings are considered by the Ombudsman?

The Ombudsman consider warnings from clients who are not satisfied by the way their appeal was solved in some of CEZ companies in Bulgaria. These warnings could be related to activities like invoicing, customer service, measurement, electrodistribution facilities, quality of electricity supply, as well as CEZ Bulgaria‘ employees behaviour.

The Ombudsman does not solve appeals, which has not been submitted for initial examination as required by CEZ standart rules. In this case he transfer the appeal to the company with the respective competency and inform the appelor.

In case dispute between client and CEZ’ company is submitted to Court or SEWRC (State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission), Ombudsman does not interfere. In case the examination has been started it would be terminated.