Customer reviews

Customer feedback is always important

S. B. from Dupnitsa

"Dear Ombudsman,,
Thank you for your quick reaction on my complaint, i read the content of your response and will wait 30 the days term..." .

B. K. from Sofia

"...In fact this time "CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria" AD reacted momentary to my letter. On the next day after sending it the broken appliance was replaced, and after another a day or two days my bill was corrected according their rules..."
"...I am touched to "CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria" AD for the momentary reaction and to you for the good attitude!

Have a nice day and useful work!"

D. D. from Sofia

"Dear Mr. Dimitrov,
Thank you for your quick and effective support.
Today, with the kind assistance of your office in Sofia, Slivnitsa bul., my problem was solved.
I wish you further fruitful work