A short company profile of TPP Varna EAD

Company profile

TPP Varna EAD is the second largest thermoelectric power plant in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. The plant is condensation type,of total installed capacity 1260 MWh–six mono-blocks, 210MWh each.This capacity ranks the company among the leading generators of electricity from coal in Bulgaria and on the BalkanPeninsula.

TPP Varna EAD is owned by CEZ, a.s. Czech Republic.

Scope of activity

The core activity of the plant is generation of electricity and heat, transmission and distribution of heat, construction works and repair activities in the field of electricity and heat generation, coal discharge harbour activities, investment activity,copyright acquisition and management, patent and trademark rights, know-how and other intellectual property issues.


The company has a two-tier management system  –  Management Board and Supervisory Board.

Management Board      

Libor Kičmer              Chairman of the Management Board

Karel Kral                                     Member of the Management Board

Mincho Minchev         Member of the Management Board and Executive Director


Supervisory Board

Barbora Křížková                       Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Marek Slegl                            Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Jiří Rivola                              Member of the Supervisory Board


Contact address

9168 Ezerovo, Varna Region


web site:  Varna

tel:                   052/ 66 56 222

fax:                  052/ 66 56 371

telex:                77 555


Office of the Executive Director:                         052/ 66 56 311