A short company profile of CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD

Company profile

CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD is a company, registered at Sofia City Court on August 29, 2006. The capital of the company is  50 000 BGN, 67% of which property of CEZ a.s. Czech Republic, and the rest 33% of other minority shareholders - legal entities and individuals.

The company is a successor of the electricity supply activity of Electricity Distribution Stolichno AD, Electricity Distribution Sofia Oblast AD and Electricity Distribution Pleven AD.

CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD  has been granted a license for public supply of electricity № Л-135-11/ 29.11.2006, issued by the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) valid till 13.08.2039, a license for last resort supplier № Л-409-17/01.07.2013 for a period of 28 (twenty eight) years as well as a license for trade with electricity № Л-229-15/17.05.2007 for a period of 10 (ten) years.

Scope of activity

CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD performs the following activities: electricity supply, product and service development, marketing and sales strategy, LV and MV customer service on general and individual basis. 

Quality management

Certificate EN ISO 9001:2008


CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD is of two-tire system of management, consisting of a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board

Karel Klusák - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Rostislav Díža - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Georgi Konstantinov - Member of the Supervisory Board

Lyubomir Chakarov  - Member of the Supervisory Board

Hristo Petrov - Member of the Supervisory Board

Martin Mareček - Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomáš Pektor - Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board

Dimcho Stanev - Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Officer

Karel Král - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Leon  Vrška - Member of the Management Board

Contact details


Business contact address for business partners and institutions

159, Tsarigradsko shosse bul., Sofia 1784 

24-hour hotline

0700 10 010