CEZ Bulgaria EAD

A short company profile of CEZ Bulgaria EAD

Company profile

CEZ Bulgaria EAD was founded in the middle of 2005 to represent the international power company CEZ Group. In implementation of the strategic plans of CEZ Group for Bulgaria to develop the Bulgarian power market, CEZ Bulgaria EAD has focused its activity on several important lines of development:

  • Investment in fixed assets that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of supplied electricity on the territory, serviced pursuant the licences;
  • Improvement of the level of service of the electricity customers on the territory, serviced pursuant to the licences;
  • Creating opportunities for the professional and career development of the employees of the companies from CEZ Group in Bulgaria.

CEZ Bulgaria EAD is a single-shareholder joint-stock company, 100% owned by CEZ a.s.

Scope of activity

The company has the task to manage there lations of the companies comprising CEZ Group in Bulgaria with the institutions and the key players on the power market in the country.

Another main task of CEZ Bulgaria EAD is to coordinate the activity of the companies of common majority owner CEZ a.s. They are CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD – company that has a licence for distribution of electricity on a specified area, CEZ Electro Bulgaria AD – a company that has a  licence for public supply of electricity and a licence for electricity trade and CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD – a company that has a licence for electricity trade.

Quality management

Certificate EN ISO 9001:2015


CEZ Bulgaria EAD is of two-tire system of management:  Supervisory Board and Management Board

Supervisory Board

Vladimír Říha - Chairman of  the Supervisory Board

Pavel Cyrani - Vice - Chairman of the Supervisory Board 

Jitka Jašková - Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Board

Karel Král - Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer

Dušan Ryban - Vice - Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Operational Officer

Leon Vrška - Member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer

Tsvetanka Georgieva - Member of the Management Board

Zornitsa Genova-Popova - Member of the Management Board


Contact details

correspondence address:

1784 Sofia
159, Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd.




 24-hour hotline:

0700 10 010